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Brembo Radial Brake Master Cylinder 19x18 CNC XR01171

€ 585,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

Brembo Radial Brake Master Cylinder 19x18 CNC XR01171

Rempomp uit de Brembo Racing Serie! MotoGP Technology. The Brembo radial pump has been the product that has revolutionized the world of braking systems over the last decade.

The radial pump is thus defined by its configuration such that both the force of the fingers on the lever and that of the lever itself on the piston act in the same direction, or radially with respect to the anchor point of the pump, namely the handlebar. This means that all the force applied to the lever is transformed into a braking action, ie braking becomes powerful, constant and precise.

This model, made of fully machined aluminum by numerical control machines (CNC), guarantees excellent performance together with a limited weight and great resistance.

Piston Diameter: 19mm

Lever Lenght: 18mm

Material: Alluminio forgiato CNC

Finish: Hard Anodized

Weight: 306gr.

Brake oil: DOT 4 

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