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Brembo Stylema Remklauwen 100MM

€ 850,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
Productcode 220D02010
EAN code 220D02010
Productcode leverancier 220D02010

Brembo Stylema Remklauwen 100MM

New Stylema Brembo Racing 2020 caliper, innovative compared to all products currently on the market, the reduction of the internal spaces around pistons and pads allow for highly efficient caliper cooling making it immediate in response. The weight is reduced by 7% thanks to the reduction in the size of the caliper body and the length of the fixing columns with a reduction of the fixing bolt by half a centimeter. 

The particular design of Brembo Stylema calipers allows an optimized passage of air, obtaining cooling in much shorter times than the entire caliper body. 

Even the design is not left to chance, every element carved with CNC machines has its precise function, from the reduction of the mass to the perfect tuning with the aesthetics of the modern motorcycles on which the Stylema mount like a precious stone on a jewel. 

Probably among the best calipers that the Brembo Racing racing department can offer for road / track use.

This caliper was created for all those who wish to have a very performing braking system for road use and at the same time excellent for track use.

The new Brembo Stylema brake calipers combine design and technology in a single product with a compact, light and performing shape.

Eigenschappen Brembo Stylema Remklauwen 100MM:

  • Wheelbase: 100mm
  • Color: Titanium
  • Pistons: 4x 30mm
  • Brake pads: Included
  • Weight reduction: About 7%
  • Brake fluid temperature reduction: 10%
  • Friction coefficient: 11% higher
  • Braking type: Greater deceleration with the same effort on the lever
  • Package content: Right + left Stylema brake calipers

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