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DID Chain Model VR46 120 Links 520 STEP 520 VR46/120

€ 150,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

DID CHAIN MODEL VR46 120 LINKS 520 STEP 520 VR46/120

The development of the DID VR46 model is based on DID's many years of experience in MotoGP and meets even the highest demands through the use of patented X-rings.

D.I.D is a Japanese manufacturer of high performance transmission components, recognized worldwide for the quality of its chains that are used in the largest world championships such as MotoGP and Superbike.

The DID chain has longer life and less friction thanks to the patented X-rings.

Through direct power transmission technology, the driver achieves an incredible acceleration resonance in the throttle response.

This is due to the most advanced technology to increase the strength of the chain.

Model: VR46

Links: 120

Step: 520

DID code: 520VR46/120

Type of chain: open chain

Type of closure: Hollow closure rivet to be punched

Inside color: Gold

External color: Silver

Type of O-ring: X-ring

Tensile Strenght: 3720 Kg

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