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I2M ABS Emulator R1(M) 2020

€ 290,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

I2M ABS Emulator R1(M) 2020

Our ABS emulators allow to remove the entire ABS box. Our removers have all the electronic circuits apt to avoid any error in the central unit. Their mounting is completely plug&play and there's no need to modify the origin wiring: you just need to unplug the ABS and plug in our emulator. This saves up to 1.4kg!

Our ABS removers copy exactly the shape of the original ABS engine plug and replicate the couplings. No manual intervention needed, no wire to add, no welding to be done, no wiring to be cut: no risk to make a mistake.Commonly, by completely removing the original ABS system you also loose all Traction Control functions, and it is not acceptable on modern sport bikes. Alike , if the emulator is low quality, it can trigger errors on the central unit. Our remover, instead, copies exactly all the necessary interface and allows all the others original system their correct operation.

The emulator has a really small size and it is the extension of the original wiring plug on your bike. Its extremely compact shape guaratees a remarkable weight saving, that it is up to 1.4kg for Yamaha R1.

Standaard variant is zonder vering emulator (R1 model), kies de andere variant indien het om een R1M gaat en de vering ook verwijderd is.

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€ 170,00
€ 56,90

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