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IRC Bandenwarmers

€ 275,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

IRC Bandenwarmers standaard. Vaste tempratuur van 80°C. Verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren en maten.  

Productkenmerken IRC Bandenwarmers

  • Carbon wiring for 100% reliability. Standard copper wiring becomes very fragile when high temperatures are reached, while carbon wiring can be twisted or crushed without any failure
  • Snake Wiring design from one side to the other and not parallel to the circumference.
  • New Insulating materials for a top performance tyre heating uniformity.
  • Inner layer in NOMEX 100% certified.
  • Nylon outside and polyester inside.
  • Flame retardant material inside (NOMEX).
  • Side bands for rim heating: not only the tyre is warm, but also the rim, which helps to maintain the heat in the tyre.
  • Fixed 80°C temperature set, as required by Superbike and MotoGP.
  • Elastic circumferential closure for an easy in-out.
  • Equipped with a transparent pocket to insert labels ( rider name, tyre type etc )


  • 3 standard colours: black, blue and red.

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